FortStrike is a security service provider serving
our clients with a team of leading-edge security
experts. Our mission is to protect your data
and the data of your business as we
pursue a center of excellence
in Information Security.

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What Can We Do 02

What Can We Do

Vulnerability Assessment

  • Vulnerability Assessment is the process in which network devices, operating systems, and application software are scanned in order to identify the presence of known and unknown vulnerabilities
  • Hunting and eliminating all types of malware, ransomware, adware, spyware etc. on all levels, be it hardware or software
  • Assessments are a valuable way to assess a network for potential security weaknesses and to identify where to invest for future security

Secure Network Design

  • We design and build a safe network curated for your business or home
  • Designing a safe and cost effective network requires implementing the right hardware/software: firewalls, switching, routing, intrusion detection systems, intrusion prevention systems, etc.
  • Create a security roadmap of your network infrastructure (network topology) and all the connected devices on a given network

24/7 Security Network Monitoring

  • Attacks are constantly evolving, without monitoring it’s hard to tell if your network could already be under attack
  • We use SIEM software to collect different system logs and check for abnormal behavior on your network
  • Vulnerability Management life-cycle by using scanning tools and playbooks to mitigate current threats and predict future attack possibilities

Penetration Testing

  • Authorized ethical hack into a system to discover and validate security vulnerabilities in your network environment
  • Test vulnerabilities to determine how long the attacker can remain on the network undetected
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your incident response plans
What Sets Us Apart 03

What Sets Us Apart


We Have Great Experience. Aquired expertise for over 10 years

  • We have fundamental knowledge, not just superficial skills

Maximum Speed. We value your time and ours as well

  • We can start discussing details on the first day of our communication
  • Prompt response times for your questions or concerns

High Quality of Service. The small details matter

  • E-mail, phone or videochat, we are always on the line
  • Bringing you top-notch security technology and expertise that large corporates enjoy so you can focus on other aspects that grow your business.

Any Complexety. Each environment requires a respective analysis

  • Solutions starting from a small household to a large company
  • Even small households need protection from cyberthreats

Individual Approach. Each business is unique, so our approach is too

  • We'll analyze your environment and determine the appropriate solutions
  • We tailor security carefully to support your needs and budget

The Right Price. Outsourcing is cost-effective

  • Get access to highly skilled professionals with the latest knowledge and technology
  • Quality service is attaintable without overpaying for unnecessary in-house expenses or maintenance
How We Work 04

How We Work


Scoping goals and problems Approach outline

Defining Scope of Work. Get a few suggestions and recomendations


Signing contract Laying down foundation

Detailed breakdown of expectations and responsibilities


Implementing Secuity Solutions Fortifying your network

Using the best software and hardware security solutions to protect from attacks


Monitoring Your Network 24/7 Proactive Monitoring

Threats evolve quickly, staying procative helps mitigate them


FP (fixed price)

T&M (time and material)

Hybrid Model

Who we are 05

Who we are

A team of certified professionals making security accessible to both individuals and businesses
Our certifications cover: Cybersecurity Analysis, Penetration Testing, Network Security Design, and Cybersecurity Management

10 years of background with companies such as Apple, Samsung and Intel
Specialize in company security policies and product development
Certified in Network Security, Cyber Analysis, Penetration Testing


We provide independent services, monitoring, and elaborate evalutions
Deliberately study new threats and software to provide effective solutions

Custom tools to enhance client accessibility and response time to security needs
In house development using Python, C++, PowerShell etc. to create custom tools and scripts


FortStrike Offers a Consultation with a Security Expert to Assess Your Needs

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